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Alternative Eye herbal solution with NAFDAC Approval that has been tested, trusted and highly recommeded. It has been used by over 5,000 Nigerians home and abroad ( Children and Adult ) with more than 4,000 permanently  healed of various eye defects.
GET RID OF  Glaucoma, Cataract, Eye Stain, Old Age Sight, Pterygium, Light sensitivity, Night Blindness, Long and Short Sightedness, Reddishness, Watery and Itchy Eyes and Other Eye Defects in less than 8 weeks!!!

Blindness in Nigeria is on the Increase daily...

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According to The Guardian paper in 2017 1.8 million Nigerians suffering from glaucoma
Protect/Prevent your eyes from blurred vision and total blindness
According to Vanguard paper in 2021 , At least one billion people all over the world are needlessly blind or visually impaired, in the sense that their visual impairment or blindness could either have been prevented or have yet to be treated even when a cure or control exists.
According to Tribune Paper 2021
over 80 per cent of this blindness is  avoidable

In addition, it calculated that approximately 1.13 million individuals aged 40 years are currently blind; while 4.25 million adults are visually impaired or blind, with 2.7 million having a moderate visual impairment and an additional 400,000 adults severely visually impaired. 

Also, blindness is associated with increasing age, more than doubling in those aged 60 years plus. 

The number of blind people varies across the six geopolitical zones (GPZ) with the North-West harbouring the largest proportion at 29 per cent due to the high prevalence and large population. 

Refractive errors, cataracts and glaucoma are the leading avoidable causes of vision loss.  


Mrs Tokunbo

My name is Mrs Hannah Tokunbo living in the city of Akure, got retired as secretary in year 2001 and i have been nursing this eyes problem for a very long time, i used medicated lens for almost 32 years but my eyes became problematic in 2005 when i suddenly noticed every colour was appearing as white and walking at night became another issue, the worst scenerio is the pain i suffered whenever i want to step out from the house , the sun always penetrate and causes unessessary pains , i have been an eyes clinic patient for long and i do go for check-up and renewal of lens but my story changed when my grand daugther OLuwatunmise brought home Crystal eye for me to use since i refused to go for operation, lo and behold, after my first 2 weeks, i felt relieved and luckily for me i regained my sight sensation and started seeing diffrences in colours, and my blurry or dim vision started getting better, i cannot but talk about this product, i stilll have it in my room corner

Mr Usman from Kano

See, I'm one of the few people who are always careful about what i will use to take care of my eyes because i have a friend called Danjuma who got introduced to an eyes drop medication and this eyes drop damaged his eyes the more, but I decided to take this risk because this is a tea and is not applied directly to my eyes and i can say boldly, i started noticing a difference in a very short time as i'm treating Glaucoma and one thing i enjoy most is the follow up communication skill after kick starting the treatment 

Mr Chris

O boy! too good to be true but it is infact true, My father called few days ago saying he wants us to buy for his friend's wife who has cataract and she no dey see well, because him done dey see clearly and the tear wey dey come out from him eye don stop

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Q- Can Eyes defect be hereditry?

A- Yes, If you notice your mother or father has eyes problem or uses medicated lens, there is 95% chance you will also have at one  stage in life

 Q- Can a young person have eyes defect?

A- Yes, Eyes defect has no respect for age 

Q - Can underlying Ailments cause it?

A- Yes, issues like Diebeties, increase in blood suger level can cause eyes defect and other ailment too

Q-How do i know i have a specific eyes defect?

A- You can only know when you visit Eyes clinic  for eyes examination/testing

 Q- Can the Crystal Eyes Cure or just to maintain?

A- Crystal Eyes Care Objective is to Cure all forms of eyes defect, when correct prescription is followed 

Q- How long will i start seeing the effectiveness/efficacy of the treatment?

A- You should start experiencing relief in 7days depending on how severe the eye defect is

Q- How long will Cataract, Glaucoma,Myopia, Pterygium finally cure?

A-  Possibly less than 8 week , as these 3 factors would determine

  • How the clients body responds faster to treatment
  • Consistent usage of the herbs
  • And the Degree/How Severe the defect is

 Q- Can i take the treatment to prevent future eyes defect?

A- YES,  because we are all exposed to blue Screen, Polluted environment, Infact this action taken once in a while will reduce tendency of having the defect 

Q- Can a totally lost sight use the drug and regain sight?

A- NO, No remedy for total vision loss , Let's try and prevent it

Q- Can someone who has undergone operation use it?

A- Yes, It's  good for all 

Q- Any Side Effect ?

A- This is Pure and Healthy herbal without addictive contents , Zero Side Effects

Restoring Blurry Vision  is Possible 

Don't wait till your eyes problem leads you here as almost 68% of people who has been operated before lives on eyes drop and some has even gone twice, Operation might be a safe/urgent haven but herbal is super best 

Truth be told, we have so many people who has been operated and now Using CRYSTAL EYE Herbal 

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Eyes Problem has become One of the major Issues alot of Young/Adult are facing
Offer Ends When The Count Down Reach Zero
Common Eye Disorders and Diseases
  • Refractive Errors.
  • Eye Strain
  • Age-Related Macular Degeneration.
  • Cataract.
  • Diabetic Retinopathy.
  • Glaucoma.
  • Itchy and Watering
  • Amblyopia.
  • Redishness
  • Poor Night Vision
Do you believe you can aswell do away with this?
The truth is , you can do away with lens
If you are tired of clinic visitation and constant usage of medicated glasses and eyes drop , Then Crystal Eye Care Herbal is all you need

Safety: Natural material without additives, research prove it's reliable and safe, no toxic

100% Effective and Easy to Use.

Offer Ends When The Count Down Reach Zero


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